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฿455 ฿650
ผู้แต่ง : Ronald D.renard, Kr. Anchalee Singhanetra Renard
ภาษา : thai
จำนวนหน้า : 556
ขนาดไฟล์ : 19.18 mb
ISBN : 9789746729284
ประเภทหนังสือ : ebook
Mon-khmer Peoples are found in all six Mekong countries : Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. This volume includes over a dozen studies of the Blang/Palaung, Kmhmu, and Kui/Suai, as well as several reports on the Wa. Also included are bibliographies on each of these groups as well as the Mon-Khmer as a whole, Authors include ethnic Mon-Khmer, academics young and old, and government officials. Taking advantage of increased opportunitied for research and for visiting remote aresa in the Region, this book is intended to increase awareness of these peoples and to encourage more research.

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