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Type : Ebook
Publisher : RCSD
Author : Seam Hak
ISBN : -
Language : English
Number of Pages : 110
File Size : 1.75 MB
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Resettlement Impact on Poor Households: Gender-based Analysis of a Railway Project in Battambang, Cambodia

Author: Seam Hak

The eviction of people has a deep impact on gender, property rights and the status of income, occupation, employment, education, health, and environment. When we are talking about a threatened community, women clearly face more obstacles than men: besides being considered responsible for housework, they also need regular jobs, for which they are paid lower salaries than men.

This research assesses the effects of eviction on a series of households in
Battambang, Cambodia, affected by a railway rehabilitation project. The specific objective of the research was to focus on gender impacts, in all forms.

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