Type : Ebook
Year of Publish : 2024
Author : Gemini for Google Workspace

Language : english
Number of Pages : 45
File Size : 2.69 MB
From the very beginning, Google Workspace was built to allow you to collaborate in real time with other people. Now, you can also collaborate with AI using Gemini for Google Workspace to help boost your productivity and creativity without sacri cing privacy or security. The embedded generative AI-powered features can help you write, organize, visualize, accelerate work ows, have richer meetings, and much more, all while using your favorite apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet, and Google Slides. This book provides you with the foundational skills to write e ective, instructional prompts when using Gemini for Workspace so that you can be more productive and e cient in your day-to-day tasks. You can think of a prompt as a conversation starter with your AI-powered assistant. You might write several prompts as the conversation progresses. While the possibilities are virtually endless, there are consistent best practices that you can put to use today.

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