Type : Ebook
Year of Publish : 2023
Author : Thacha Lawanna
Publisher : Asst.Prof.Dr. Thacha Lawanna
Language : english
Number of Pages : 313
File Size : 9.91 MB
we delve into case studies of two industry giants, Netflix and Apple.Chapters 27 and 28 provide an in-depth analysis of how these digital pioneers have navigated the complexlandscape, showcasing real-world applications of the theories and concepts explored throughout the book.As Assistant Professor Dr. Thacha Lawanna, I have endeavored to synthesize a comprehensive exploration ofthe digital economy, drawing on theoretical foundations, practical applications, and case studies. This book isintended for students, academics, and professionals seeking a holistic understanding of the digital revolutionthat is shaping our economic landscape. May this journey through the digital economy serve as a guide fornavigating the complexities and opportunities that lie ahead.

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