Type : Ebook
Year of Publish : 2022
Author : จินตนาภรณ์ สิริพิพัฒน์
Publisher : ทญ.จินตนาภรณ์ สิริพิพัฒน์
ISBN : -
Language : thai
Number of Pages : 199
File Size : 2.29 MB
Language is an essential medium for communication and is the tool for creating mutual understanding for living, working, and helping each other. At present, there are many foreigners living in Thailand for education, occupation, tourism, or to seek medical services. Healthcare personnel or related people should be able to communicate in a foreign language to provide thorough care and treatment. Therefore, having a book or a manual that combines three languages of terminology in Dentistry could be one of the helping tools between the dentist and the patient so that proper treatment can be established.

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