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Type : Ebook
Author : Christian Hogue
Publisher : Christian Hogue
ISBN : -
Language : english
Number of Pages : 68
File Size : 13.27 MB
Born on the Kiwi Mainland during the Baby Boom Era, Christian was handed a camera at 5, sparking a lifelong passion for photography. After post-grad travels, he immersed himself in digital visual effects in London, contributing to groundbreaking films like "Terminator 2" and creating visuals for iconic musicians such as Bjork and the Rolling Stones. As an Early Pioneer in CGI, Christian played a role in the inception of British Digital Art festivals. Regular visits to New Zealand rekindled his connection with its changing landscapes, inspiring him to explore analogue film photography alongside digital art. A dedicated street photographer, Christian work often graces travel magazines. Embracing large-format portraiture, including wetplate techniques, he blends experimental digital art with traditional film photography and alternative printing methods, crafting a unique artistic practice.

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